Roasted Veggie Pizza

Pizza is in my top 10 favorite things to eat. Maybe top 5…. anyway, we LOVE this recipe. It’s even been our New Year’s Eve dinner the last two years.  It’s also meatless, so it’s great if you are trying to incorporate some meatless meals into your weekly menu.

I found this in a Cooking Light “Fresh Food Fast” cookbook  I have at home. I changed it up a little, but I’m sure it is very good in it’s original form.  Here is the book, if you’re interested: Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast

If you’re wondering why the pizza on the right looks slightly different, that is mine…..and I sprinkle crushed red pepper on it before baking. FYI. This recipe isn’t probably as healthy as one would hope…..but it’s pretty healthy for pizza!

So, I’ll go ahead and admit it…..I don’t ever make my own pizza crust. Probably should, but oh well. I usually buy the Mama Mary’s small 3-pack. We sometimes do ultra thin and sometimes original. I also don’t make my own pesto… is just so much easier out of a jar…Anyway, if you’re wanting to try this here you go:

Here’s how I make it:


-3 small pizza crusts (or 1 regular pizza size if you’d prefer….or if you make your own crust just use that)

-jarred pesto sauce (I like Classico brand, but any would work I’m sure) I don’t actually measure out an amount…the original recipe for a big pizza called for 1/3 of a cup. I just use enough to get each crust a nice, spread out layer of the sauce

-mozzarella cheese (again…I’m not big on measuring….but the original recipe called for 1 cup. I am quite sure I use more than that. I mean….it is pizza.   🙂  And really any Italian cheese would taste good.

-2 medium zucchini, coarsely chopped

-1 cup (or around there) of grape tomatoes cut in half

-olive oil

-salt and pepper

-1/2 cup red onion sliced  (optional…I sometimes use it and sometimes don’t. Top picture didn’t have it, bottom picture did. If you use it just roast it and use with the other veggies)

Pre-heat your oven to 425.  You’ll see in the picture above that I used a pizza stone, but that was actually the 1st time I did that. I always just used a pizza metal cooking pan with the holes. Both work well.

While the oven heats, chop your zucchini and tomatoes. Mix with olive oil (enough to coat all of the veggies) and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake on a rimmed baking sheet covered with foil for about 15-20 minutes. The veggies should be tender and maybe slightly charred/browned.

Spread the pesto sauce over the top of your crust. Top with the roasted vegetable mixture. Then top that with your cheese. If you want to at  this point you could add other toppings, but you don’t need to, as it is tasty just like this!  I do sprinkle crushed red pepper on my pizza before I bake it… if you like that, go for it!

Bake in the 425 degree oven for 6-10 minutes (ovens vary, I don’t want you to burn your pizzas because of me!) When the cheese is melted and the crust looks ready, you are ready to enjoy your pizza! My husband will often top his with some Parmesan cheese…so, if you like that you could add that at the end.

Hope you love it!